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Welcome to Connectivity
Our Clinicians feature leading edge, awareness-oriented, body-centered strategies, 
technologies and therapies, all geared towards positive change and enriching lives

Phone: 321-253-8088
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Our mission is to positively impact lives. To do so, we promote innovative, leading edge wellness models designed to achieve vibrant, balanced health and to produce more satisfying, dynamic lifestyles. As agents of change, we have worked carefully to create a safe, comfortable environment and conditions most conducive for learning, letting go, and healing. Our wish is to build warm, positive, respectful relationships within a framework of clearly defined professional boundaries. 

To guide our mission and reflect our collective vision, we embrace a code of responsible conduct and model (as best we can) selfless service, truthfulness, compassion, perseverance and optimism. We proudly base our reputation(s) and our success on these standards of excellence.

Our Wellness Center features the Anat Baniel Method NEUROMOVEMENT to awaken your brain, rejuvenate your body, and revolutionize your life! There is a broad assortment of both Massage and Physical Therapy modalities and techniques, including Neurovascular Integration, Primal Reflex Integration, Spatial Bodywork, pain elimination and flexibility protocols, plus Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine all made available to enhance your health and enrich your experience of life.

Our physicians, therapists and teachers share a passion to promote radiant health and dynamic, active lifestyles. We care about getting to know and understand people. Our energy is focused on developing solid relationships, building trust, and helping people just like you enrich their lives ~ one connection at a time. We find this approach most satisfying and meaningful.

The term Connectivity symbolizes threads linking our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.  It may also suggest a search to find our natural place within the local, global and universal arenas and the struggle to make conscious choices that contribute positively in each venue.  Connectivity's meaning is complex and not easily communicated for, much like the technologies utilized within its walls, it lies outside the realm of verbal expression, and can only be truly referenced via experience.  Impacting lives remains our mission.  We believe a profound impact is possible whenever we experience integration or feel included within the web of connection.

More and more people searching for that safe space to move towards wholeness and pursue vibrant health are finding it at Connectivity. Visit our center and discover how touching, moving, breathing and feeling can impact your life.
Clinical Offices
1801 Sarno Road #4
Melbourne, Florida 32935
Florida Board of Massage Therapy Establishment License MM17222
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...one breath, one movement
                                                                              one connection at a time
                  Enriching lives
                        ...one breath, one movement, 
                                       one connection at a time.